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Time is of the essence.  Don’t be caught in the middle of the night when everyone has gone for the day without a backup.  If a fire occurs when your building is unattended, your fire protection system must be monitored.  As soon as an emergency is detected, the proper authorities must be notified.  Any delay could lead to increased property loss and damage.  Let Alliance Fire Protection Services, Inc. monitor your facility 24 hours a day.  Any sign of trouble and the proper authorities will be dispatched to your building.

No phone lines?  No problem.  By utilizing a cellular platform, our communicators eliminate the need for traditional phone lines.  Typically, customers can recoup the cost of installation within one year, just in the savings from not having to pay for two phone lines.  In addition, there’s no more dealing with the phone company to install, maintain or service your phone lines.

No fire alarm system?  Just a sprinkler system?  No problem.  Using an iGSMCF cellular dialer, AFPS can hook directly to the water flow switch and tamper switch on your wet or dry sprinkler system.  The iGSMCF cellular dialer has six input zones that are reported directly to the central station.  You can now be monitored without having to install a traditional fire alarm panel or phone lines.

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